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Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 10.22.2015

Yuba Report Last week I put in one really long full day on the Yuba. We tried putting our flies in every crevice we could. Fishing was slow for the most part and that is was kind of what I expected. The salmon just really were not there and the hatches were minimal. With one angler in the boat we hooked 10 fish only landing 1. I think if we had landed a higher percentage of what we hooked it could have made for more of successful day in terms of catching fish. The day was still spectacular with good company in the boat.

After asking around to some of the anglers I know who fish the Yuba regularly there are a ton of salmon below Daguerre waiting to come up. With the rain on Saturday I know a lot of salmon pushed up into the stretches of river that we are used to fishing. If I were a betting man I would put my money on this week coming up things turning around out there. A push of salmon will get the trout excited and things are going to get a lot better out there. We need a few more storms like that and the fall temperatures to set in and things will return to normal out there.

We hooked most of the fish on egg patterns I am guessing by the violence of the strikes. We ran a 3 fly rig throughout the day with an egg, attractor fly and a baetis pattern. A red two bit hooker is a great year around fly to try out there.

I was lucky enough to get a photographer on my boat for a day. Kieth Rutherford is an outdoor photographer and a real pro from what I can see. He is an avid fly fisherman in the Truckee area with a lot of experience in the ski/snowboard world. He also specializes in videography. The pics you see here are from Kieth and these are his rough cuts from the day that he let me have. If you want to get a hold of Keith for some photography work you can email him at

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