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Putah Creek Fly Fishing

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Jordan Romney Reports on 10.20.2015

Putah Creek Report I put several days on the creek last week with very good success despite some very unusual circumstances. We had an 8 person group for a quick half day at the beginning of the week. The creek was flowing at a healthy 240cfs which made it challenging getting into some of the money spots. I think everyone in the group at least hooked a fish. That is what I would consider successful for a group of mostly new anglers in a 3 hour session.

I was back on the creek the following morning for a full day trip with two anglers from San Francisco. The flows dropped considerably from 240 to 40 in less than a 12 hour period. This is the time of year where Solano County Water Agency does maintenance on the irrigation canal. They do this to do some cleaning to their facility and need the water low to do so. We were able to hook several smaller fish on dry dropper set ups. We also high sticked some pocket water with great success. No big fish to the net but I did see several moving around. I bet next week will be game on for finding them in some of the usual runs. The bigger fish like to hang out in the frog water most of the year. The late fall is a good time where you can find them in the faster more oxygenated water. We definitely set a record for the most fish I have ever seen hooked in one day out there. Yeah the fish were small but the fact that there are that many healthy small fish in the system in encouraging. My hat is off to Putah Creek Trout (nonprofit, conservation group) for the efforts that have been made over the years to help the creek improve to where it is today. The flows should start to rise this week and should be in between 100 and 200 cfs. Those flows will make some great fishing.

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