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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Richard Loft Reports on  9.1.2016

I am going to make this a short report

Fishing activity has been steadily getting better. Flows are starting to drop and I have spent most of the summer fishing and guiding the high flows of summer. Yesterday was an average day of fishing with fish hitting the usual midges and pheasant tails- they have been preforming well so I stick with em most days. Well as day turned to night there was a really good Blue Wing Olive hatch and i was not getting any action until I loaded a tiny midge and first or maybe 2nd drift –a stupid big fish is on line then takes some air and both me and my fishing buddy Patrick look at each other and say OMG thats a big fish. My guess 20in Unfortunately 4 minutes or so later it was gone. I got my flys back so 20 minutes later I got my chance again with this 16 incher . I normally don’t use super small flies they’re just a little to small for my eyes but well worth the extra effort so its worth having them around. Did you put off fishing this summer? It’s time to get in there– I’m booking September & October so give me a call! Richard Loft, 707-294-4738; or

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