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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Rob Russell reports on 4.5.18

Putah Creek


News flash!  Heavy rain on the way Friday into Saturday;  a dramatic change from the 80s we were experiencing last week.  This is great news!  Late rains will help any remaining downstream steelhead get back to the ocean.  It will also help with the water table everywhere and provide desperately needed water to headwater tributaries.  Every drop counts when 80% or more of our water in California is allocated to agriculture.     Speaking of water, Putah Creek has plenty right now, with flows at 180 cfs.  


These are great flows for fun fishing at Putah Creek.  Flows have stabilized over the last week and fishing has been great.  Guests are enjoying the action while indicator nymphing with tiny size 16-22 midges, mayflies, caddis and worms.  A little more weight is necessary at these higher flows.  One or two BBs is probably not enough in the riffles.  


Add weight until you are ticking the bottom every few casts (really get em down guys).  The difference between good nymph fisherman and really good nymphers is often just a split shot or two.  Throw crayfish, it’s fun!  You won’t get near the action, but you might end up with a beast on your line.    


With most all rivers blowing out this weekend, Putah will continue to be a great option. Cheers!- Rob Russell 707-888-2571Instagram @robrussellflyfishing Facebook #robrussellflyfishing 

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