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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi reports on 4.5.18

Truckee River 

It’s great to be back working the Truckee River again, and with the high flows and another atmospheric river approaching, it’s amazing how productive the fishing can be there with big water. Currently, the flows along Glenshire drive are at 1,940 cubes, Boca Bridge is at 3,420, and near the bottom of the canyon, Farad is running at 3,610 cfs. Water temps on Wednesday started at 45 degrees and reached 48 by the afternoon. Water clarity was not muddy, and actually had some nice color to it with about 2 feet of visibility. With big flows there are certain types of water structure to look for, deeper side slack water that has a seam of faster water on the outside is prime habitat. Water that appears to be soft yet has a churning effect with heavy uplifting hydraulics is not the best, but can also produce results. Slower current speed is the key to everything. My guest had a pretty good day today hooking a dozen and putting six in the net, not bad for a dude that only gets to fish a few times a year due to family and work. We moved around and covered lots of ground which is beneficial for higher flows.

High stick/short line nymphing was really productive, lots of weight and heavy flies were money. Effective nymphs were black rubber leg stones, squirmy worms in red, Skwala rubber leg stones, and 10mm beads in peachy roe. There is a bunch of woody debris on the bottom, so if you get hung up take the time to try different angles to pop the sticks out of the sand and gravel. Streamer fishing was also really good, quite a few grabs with Stanley Streamers and a fly I tie called “Darth Sidious” which is basically a black Zonker with red eyes and red Krystal flash. Standard swing and strip presentations with longer and slower strips is what the fish wanted. We ran a 10 foot Versi Tip with 3 feet of 1x, and a sink rate of 5 inches per second. Flies were weighted as well. Big tippets are no problem and encouraged. Batten down the hatches, things are going to get gnarly. That’s ok though, big Truckee River trout thrive in these conditions, and they’re built for it. See you out there…

Jon Baiocchi

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