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Pit River Fly Fishing Report

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David Neal Reports on 8.18.2016

As we move closer to September the Pit River should be on your radar. This is one of the most prolific walk & wade rivers for wild trout in California and can be a great late summer - fall fishery. I spent one morning fishing a section of the Pit with guests of Clearwater Lodge this week. We hooked many feisty and strong pulling wild trout in a short window of time in the morning. We called it quits at noon as afternoon temps were getting very warm and uncomfortable and probably the same for our finned friends. Be aware that PG&E is conducting some pulse flows on certain sections of the Pit this month,. George should have all the info and dates at the LCO shop or online. You must bring a wading staff and lots of split shot to fish this river. Possible dry flies in the afternoon and near dusk, but indicatorless high sticking is probably the best technique on this river right now… Look for caddis and caddis and more caddis along with some yellow sallies and random mayflies. Small black nymphs and midges are always good searching patterns…I don’t have any more days open this month - September and the rest of fall season is booking up quickly… contact me for more info or help.

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