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Pit River Fly Fishing Report 7/24

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Pit River Fly Fishing Report By Clearwater Lodge’s John Fochetti

The Pit continues to fish well in the Pit 3,4, and 5 reaches, however Pit 1 is still too warm to fish and will continue to be that way for a few months. Over the last couple of weeks the fish seem to be coming on smaller mayfly patterns with a few still eating the  black or brown Rubber Legs. Patterns that are working include flashback pheasant tails and micro mayflies in size 14 and 16. Indicator nymphing the faster and more oxygenated water is the most productive, however there has been a good caddis hatch in the evenings.

Shasta Trout’s local guide Alan Blankenship (aka The Pit Pirate) Reports:

The Pit River has been finding some fish on the Pit River as flows have dropped to the summer minimum.  Several guests have enjoyed outstanding days, catching chunky ‘bows who have seen very few anglers this season.   Alan has some availability for hardy waders who have not yet sampled the bounty this fishery can provide.

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