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Nor Cal Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 9/8/16 

I just had  Oct 3,4,5 open up! Prime dates!

Fall fishing season is just around the corner. The days are noticeably shorter now and the nights are getting cooler. In the early morning hours around daybreak there’s been a “changing of the seasons” feel in the air this week. Some of the best fishing in Nor-Cal happens during the fall season… get ready to get after it! 

Many solid fly fishing options exist for us in September and October - Lower Sac, Trinity River, McCloud, Upper Sac, Fall River, Pit River. One could definitely plan a trip to the Redding area, Shasta, or Intermountain Region and have many fishing destinations to choose from. 

Flows on the Lower Sac have dropped to 9500cfs and should be at 9k by the end of the week. Flows will continue to drop as we move into fall season. The hotter days still remaining this summer will offer the best caddis action (yes, 100+ degree days create the caddis conditions these fish go crazy for). We may see some mayfly activity increase as the days get cooler and fall weather pays a visit, but we may also experience a little lag in fishing between the summer caddis flurries and the anticipated egg drop of October. September can be a little weird, sometimes.

Fall-run Chinook salmon are beginning to trickle in on the Sacramento River and the Klamath/Trinity system and we anticipate more to push upriver as the water temps further cool. Pulse flows continue on the Trinity River and this week flows should drop to around 1k cfs. These pulse flow events usually trigger a few steelhead to move up into the upper Trinity especially when the King’s are on the move. Now is the time to swing the long rod (Spey and switch rods) and head hunt for early fall-run steelhead on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers.

My calendar from September - November is filling in (fast) I only have a couple dates still open for each of these months… check my website calendar for more info.

I have only 3 dates open on the Trinity for prime-time fall steelhead…November 21, 22, 23 so contact me asap.

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