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Lower Yuba River Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 9.8.2016


Errr… So mid August the Yuba was firing for me. I was excited about the number of fish we found and size. It was a relief to find the fish fat and healthy again. But then something changed out there and the fishing got tough. Not sure what happened or what changed but they got moody.

We missed what looks like an epic stonefly hatch out there this year.  The banks are piled with shucks that I am guessing came off sometime in July.  I asked around and was informed that it was a stub winged stonefly.  May be the reason why rubber legs work year around out there.  

I have seen a few Salmon cruising around. Hopefully we get a pile of fish soon so the egg bite goes off. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

The hopper fishing has been decent. Slow water with good willows and shadows has had some good fish in them waiting to crush a Fat Albert.

With the river continually at a healthy flow the river is going to seem a little bigger then what we got used to during the drought.  One way to attack the river efficiently is by swinging it on a two handed rod.  I have hit the river early a few mornings and swung through a run before I met my guests and was rewarded each time.  

You will want to get on the books for October, the egg bite should be on!

Remember that all fishing above the Hwy 20 bridge will be closed September 1 through December 1st.

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