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New Zealand Mud Snails Spread In California

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Hey All,

This issue resurfaces yet again. The CDFW confirmed NZ mud snails in the Lower Feather and I have seen photos of them in the Lower Yuba. If you have been fishing in CA for a while you will remember when they found them in Putah Creek.

Rule #1 Don’t Panic. It is what is, but let’s do our best to not spread these little buggers anywhere else. We are offering free boot cleanings at the shop if you would otherwise not clean or freeze them in between fishing locations.

Here are a few thing you can do to stop the spread:

  1. Freeze your gear for 6hrs to kill NZ mud snails. This is the easiest on your gear.
  2. Clean boots and waders with a 50/50 409 to water ratio (this is the service we will be offering at the shop for free!
  3. Wear rubber soled wading boots.
  4. Scrub your boots with a stiff bristled brush.
  5. Read more here.

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