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McCloud & Upper Sac Fly Fishing Report

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Rick @ Ted Fay Fly Shop Reports 

McCloud River


Opening weekend on the McCrowd lived up to its name. Most of the popular public water saw many anglers paying homage and the ever popular Simms hatch was definitely occurring. Reports I got from most were it was a good social occasion with limited results on the fishing end. But hey, it’s only going to get better and the crowds will disappear … for awhile. A short visit yesterday for instance showed nary an angler. The river is in great shape right now, hatches have not kicked in in earnest yet and running your bugs down and dirty is the most successful method. Pics below note the success we had ….. they are there as you can see, you just have to have that mojo switch cranked way up and feel the feel. As I often say to my folks “be one with your indicator”. No rocket science here, just generic nymphs …. Rubber Legs, Goldenstones, Prince, Gordon, Micros, Soft Hackles for starters. Also the Stimmie/Dropper setup in the pocket water works for those who like throwing these setups, forget the slow water though. Btw the trees blocking the Conservancy have been removed so the parking lot is accessible.


Lake Run Brown


McCloud Rainbow Fooled by Golden Stone


Wild Azalea Time

Upper Sac

The Upper Sac is currently experiencing spring runoff and running 1100-1200cfs. It’s big and dangerous but fishable in some areas, just be careful. Know your high water spots and you should find some fish. At least the whitewater folks are having a ball on it as they deserve, it’s been a few years since they have been able to run it.

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