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Rogue & Williamson River  Fly Fishing Report

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Jim Andras reports on 5.19.2016

Rogue River

Trout season on the Rogue River below Cole Rivers Hatchery opens on Sunday the 22nd and there will be a few salmonflies and golden stones in the air and lots of hungry trout waiting for them. Expect many references to and photos of these stoneflies over the coming weeks on a number of Oregon and California systems because trout love to eat the adults creating great dry fly fishing with imitations ranging from size 4 to 8! Casting these big flies and anticipating the rise is super fun but the hatches generally only last for 3 to 4 weeks and then they’re over for another year.   On the Rogue, trout will continue to take imitations through the first week of July but the best window falls throughout the month of June.

I have the following dates available: 1-4, 6-10, 12,13

Williamson River

For the month of August, I will offer guided floats on the Williamson River near Chiloquin, Oregon.  This spring creek loads up with lake run rainbows from Upper Klamath Lake all summer long and is well known for trout of 20 inches and better.   A variety of techniques including indicator nymphing, swinging streamers and, at times, drifting dry flies all have their place on this river. Whatever the strategy, the heavy redband rainbows of the Williamson River will provide plenty of excitement when tied tight to 5x tippet!

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