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McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 6.6.18


The McCloud is in great shape. The water is pretty clear with just a tinge of that classic glacial tint in the water. We fished it hard the other day down in the Preserve water and found nooks and crannies that were stuffed with good to average sized rainbows. 

These fish rip and my clients seemed pretty stoked with lots of hoots. Most of the fishiest buckets and pockets that took a little effort to get into held fish.

 I’d fish mostly smaller dark midges and mayfly stuff like PT’s and micro mayfly, S&amp'M’s in the morning and turn to larger stonefly nymphs in the later afternoon. Fish everywhere… especially the heads of the pools and obvious pocket water of the deeper runs. Anywhere you can’t see the bottom… it all deserves attention. 

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