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Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown Reports on 3.9.2018

Been guiding the Lower Yuba River lately…river came up from 850cfs to 2500ish cfs this last weekend but has sense dropped down to 850cfs again. Fishing was fair at the high flows as there was some color and fishing off color water rigs and such was catching some fish higher in the float but about middway down fishing more of what the fish were eating was necessary as flows cleared up a bit. Best flies were egg patterns, smaller stonefly nymphs, and mayfly nymph variations in size 12-14#. There were Grey Drake hatches and a few early PMD looking mayflies (pink and lighter yellow) with limited surface activity - not enough to pull out the dry fly rods. Didn’t see any skwalas as the wind and rain was intermittent and I am guessing kept them pretty inactive.

Capt. Hogan Brown

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