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Yuba River Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi Reports on 3.7.2018


In the last week the flows came up dramatically on the Lower Yuba River during and after our biggest storm of the winter season. The river topped out at 3,188 cubes which is a perfect flushing flow with no harm done. Deer creek ran as high as 1,870 cfs and as always pumped in a lot of dirty water. Currently the Yuba River is at 959 cubes and there is just a tinge of color, ideal conditions for sure.  The weather was much warmer on Tuesday, with highs near 70 degrees and a slight breeze. It’s definitely spring time in the valley and foothills. Trees are leafing out, different varieties of wildflowers are beginning to bloom, and there are new songbirds and wrens patrolling the banks for food. Also lots of western fence lizards buzzing around too, and the tell all of spring – Pipevine swallowtails. Fishing pressure is moderate at the more popular locations, but if you’re willing to cover some ground, you can get away. Even though I have a slight case of the flu, I had to get out of the house, and it did so much good for the soul. Glad I did because the fishing was so good.


The Skwalas were out in force, and they loved the warm weather. They’ll move around much quicker on sunny days and it’s fun to watch their behavior. I found one good size orgy under rocks with about 9 players. The stoneflies were in the drift too, drifting the foam lines and getting trapped in back eddies. I have not noticed any sign that the hatch is waning, in fact I found fresh shucks during my observations. From 1 pm to 3pm there were so many different bugs out. March Browns, PMD’s, Pinkies, BWO’s, 3 different kinds of caddis, and midges. My guests and I have still yet to use a nymph rig in the last 47 days. Keep in mind we are starting to fish at 11 am, but if an angler were to show up earlier, an indo rig would be a wise choice. More and bigger fish are being caught, those smaller fish of fall have really put on the girth. I found my first steelhead redd in a side channel today, it was fresh, but nobody was on it.


Fly selection – Nymphing; Squirmy worms in flesh and red, Jimmy Leg stones (black, brown, and mottled yellow and coffee) #8-10, Pheasant Tail Flashbacks #14-18, Copper Johns (copper, red, olive) #16-18,  Hogan’s S&M nymph (olive, brown, tan) #14-18, and the Red Headed Stepchild #16-18. Dries; Unit Skwala #10, Morgan’s Double Dutch Bug #10, March Brown Sparkle Duns #14, PMD parachute #16, Pinkie Loop Wing #16-18, and BWO Hackle Stackers #16-18. Steamers; Alevins #12, Black Bunny Leeches #8-10, Olive Slumpbuster #6-10.
There is more weather showing up in a few days with a weak system, then into next week a stronger system moves in. We are supposed to receive up to 4 feet of snow in the higher elevations over the course of the next two weeks. We’ll take it. There should be periods of fishable conditions in between storms, so make sure to get out there. See you on the water… Jon Baiocchi407 Gracie Rd.Nevada City, CA 95959 (530) 228-0487 

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