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Lower Sacramento and Bass Fly Fishing Report

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Ryan Johnston reports on 5.11.17

Lower Sac:
The Sac continues to fish well from Redding to Anderson. The flows came back up to 13,000 cfs last weekend and have stabilized there since. The fish continue to look for eggs and rubberlegs. Each week the fish are getting quicker as the more eggs that go over their heads. Make sure to bring your “A” game if you are heading up this way. Most days right now we are hooking about 35-40 rainbows. As we get later into the month start expecting the crowds to lighten up on the river.

Luk Lake continues to fish well. The top water bite is in full action. The last two hours of daylight have been a blast watching bucket mouths blow up on poppers. Expect this bite to stay strong for the next month. Nothing better than watching fish wake to come crush your fly.

If you want to get out in the next couple of months then my openings are below:
May 26
June 16, 26-30

Thanks, Ryan Johnston


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