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Lower Sac Trout Report

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AC Fly Fishing reports on 7.27.17

Flows are currently steady at 10k cubes and have been for some time now. The Lower Sac remains a great option for summertime trout fishing. We are currently seeing sporadic hatches of Hydropsyche Caddis throughout the day along with small PEDs and PMDs. The little bugs have become a pretty important item on the menu recently. As the sun starts to wane later in the day, the bug activity has increased and has been making for some very special fishing windows.

August/September - The top mile of the “Lower Sac” re-opens to fishing after a full summer off. Although it can be busy, this typically makes for some VERY good fishing during the first couple weeks of August. **I currently have August 7, 9-10 open right now. That’s it until September..  

Photos of what you can expect here

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