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Yosemite Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Mazaira reports on 7.27.2017

The fire is still active to the north as it moves toward Groveland. Though in the scheme of things this is just a fishing report, the opportunity to share with you the need is here. These small communities in the foothills used to be proud to provide lumber and resources that built this state. As economies have shifted these communities have had to adapt and have taken quite a hit financially. Now more than ever these towns need tourism revenue to rebound. Thoughts and prayers appreciated as we are caring for our loved ones and our neighbors.

Mokelumne-  Snags are taken care of and drifting is good things are hot so hydrate. Upper Moke on Hwy 4 is also fishing well.

Stanislaus- Lot’s of Smoke - Hell’s Kitchen, Herring Creek and small streams are your best bet. The main forks are still a little high, you can fish the edges. Streamers and nymphs are best.

Tuolumne - In the Meadow, the hydrologic plane is still high meaning there is a lot of water and mini streams all over so fish are spread out. The marshy nature of the meadow is also at a very sensitive state and easily damaged with trampling- we are staying out of the meadow.
Below the dam repairs to cherry lake and rafting releases are making the river ridiculously high to fish. The North, Middle, forks are fishing well.

Merced- Fishing well along the edges - stay out of the gorge.

Photos by Elizabeth Christie, Nick Anzar and David Gregory


Rick Mazaira

Yosemite Outfitters

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