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Lake Oroville Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown Reports on 12.22.2017 

Lake Oroville/Foothill Bass fishing - spent a few days this last week chasing Spotted Bass aka: Rock Bass on Lake Oroville aka: the Great Inland Ocean. Most fly angers are not familiar with “Spotted Bass” and most would jusy say they look like a largemouth but in reality they are a completely different species of bass that behave and act very much their own way. The easiest way to explain or describe them is a cross between a smallmouth and a traditional largemouth. They fight hard and prefer rocky structure like a smallmouth but to most look like a traditional largemouth and inhabit many if not all of Northern Californias flooded canyon reservoirs. The state record seems to get broked every year on Bullards Bar Reservoir up out of Nevada City (Cody Meyers holds it now as just over 11lbs) - The average fish on Oroville now is 1-3lbs and as we roll into winter and early spring we do start to get some fish in the 4-5lb range. On to the report…

Fishing is hit and miss this time of year as december can be an inconsitant time as we roll into the prime time Jan-April and fishing stabilizes. Had one day that was really good this week and one that was really tough as a pressure front rolled through. Most fish are in the 1-3lb range and coming fishing a “float and fly” rig…basicly suspending and dragging jig style bait fish patterns off the rocks and banks. Fish are fat and happy and fighting hard and it will only get better and more consistant.

Capt. Hogan Brown


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