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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Richard Loft Reports on 12.22.2017

Hey Everyone- Theres not a lot to report on Putah at this time of year– the flows are really low and the trout are spawnning so we try to leave them mostly alone until the beginning of March– but I still like to check in periodically. I drove up to the creek Saturday and checked out a few access points ; first stopping at the bridge where I ran into one of the Putah Creek Trout volunteers doing a few drifts and not having much luck after doing his volunteer survey work with PCT. We chatted a minute then moved on walkng and taking a few pictures; some underwater– hopfully catching some of fish–and then moved on to our next stop. I like to visit the creek whether or not i’m guiding or fishing as it helps me understand her moods and what the river channel bottom looks like and keeps me current with whats happening with PCT as they are still doing their monthly river surveys with 10 more still pending . I am seeing some active Redds(Trout Egg Nests) here and there but unfortunately I don’t see large numbers of them yet hopfully we will see more soon. Please keep your eyes open and don’t walk through or accross Redds because it kills hundreds of trout eggs or fry. And if your not sure what to look for please feel free to reach out to me and I will make a date to walk the creek with you in the next few weeks early to mid January. Please keep in mind this is to help our fishery so newcomers learn how to identify Redds, not walk through an active Redd, and not to come back later and target fish on or near Redds; theres already enough guys doing that. So to sum up, this season is a mostly watch and enjoy Putah Creek; try to fish other rivers until March so the trout have a less stressful place to spawn. Feel free to call/email me to fish the Yuba outside Marysville or to do the walking tour of Putah without fishing. Richard Loft, 707-294-4738,
Fish on!

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