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Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi, Baiocchi Troutfitters

Change is in the air with a current system moving through, and the wind cries Mary. Some of the biggest wind I’ve ever experienced on the lake yesterday is really churning things up, and after this is all over there should be plenty of food dispersed for those Lake Davis rainbows to dine on. When it blows at 40 mph you better have a good boat and superior seamanship skills to navigate safely to fish another day. Will this wet weather finally wake up those trout? Only time will tell.
I did see a change in fish behavior over the weekend, and the super pods marked by sonar in deeper water are not as thick; they are on the move again. I also marked more fish in the upper water column than the previous two weeks. The afternoon bite has been better than any other time of the day. With the full moon phase waning feeding times should change back to an all day event. Effective rigs have been an indicator set up targeting depths of 3-5 feet down, and 7-12 feet down. Stripping flies with a floater and an intermediate line is also producing, faster strips with plenty of pauses has been most effective. Many grabs have come just after the cast on the drop as the fly sinks through the water column, so keep a tight leash to your bug. Catch rates have been slim with an average of 3 fish for all day session by most anglers. Not big numbers yet, but the quality of fish is amazing with rainbows going 18 to 22”, and plenty of beefy girth. Water temps have come back down and are now running 53 to 60 degrees, look for these numbers to drop even more after this storm rolls through.
Hot flies in the last week have included Wiggle Tails in glimmer green olive, and dark olive #10-12, Sheep Creek specials #12-14, Snow Cone midge pupa in black, brown, and red #12-14, and Jay Fair stripping flies in brown, and olive #8 3xl. Angler pressure has been light for this time of year due to recent reports; I did not see one vehicle parked at Jenkins Point over the weekend, which says it all right there. A waiting game continues for the stellar fall fishing Lake Davis is known for, stay tuned to the Lost Coast Outfitters report, or my blog, for the latest and most reliable reports.

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