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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles, Gilligan’s Guide Service

I’ve been spending a lot of time fly fishing Pyramid Lake lately. Why? Well, because it’s awesome out there. If you’ve never been, we’re going into one the best times to fly fish Pyramid, late fall. This last week was a little slower for me and my guests, but it was hot out there and the moon was full. I don’t really believe in the full moon thing on the river, but at Pyramid when the moon is full the night before it’s like the fish have lock jaw the next day. Fish are still in about 15-30 feet of water. This week looks like we will be getting some weather rolling through the great Truckee-Reno area which should improve the bite. Good flies are anything that resembles a Tui-Chub. Any olive over white streamer patterns will work, jig it up to the boat or tube and make sure you fish the hang. The hang is when you leave your fly suspended between retrieves anywhere from 10-60 seconds. There’s already been a lot of big fish caught at Pyramid Lake this year and it will only get better for the fly anglers as the lake cools.


Doug Ouellette, Calvada Fly Fishing

Pyramid is still producing world class Lahontan Cutthroat. A 20 pounder was released this week by a fly fisherman fishing in 30 feet of water with a #4 black and red marabou leech. Float tubes, pontoon boats, or boats are the best way to get to these giants. Concentrate on water from 20 to 30ft.deep. Most access beaches have been good.  Tui chub patterns have been very productive. A good way to find the tui chubs is to look for the grebes that feed off the minnows.  We recommend using a 7 ft. 12lb. to 15lb. Seaguar Fluorocarbon leader with a 250 to 350 grain shooting head or integrated line. Get Deep!  
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The fishing at Pyramid Lake was very good leading up to and on the full moon for fly anglers fishing from tubes, pontoons and boats in 20-40’ of water stripping minnow patterns on fast sinking lines. However, the days after the full moon the fishing slowed way down as the bait balls seemingly disappeared or moved out into deeper water. With some weather coming in and cooler temperatures on the horizon I expect the water temperatures (mid 60’s right now) to start dropping which will help tremendously with the shore bite which is mostly non existent at this time. Beaches such as Warrior, Shot Dog and Sandhole are providing the most consistent fishing right now for float tubing anglers. Good reports from Spider have been coming in but I have not had much luck there yet. Jigging with a heavy sinking line and big minnow pattern has been successful if that is your thing. For me , I prefer casting and retrieving my flies through the bait balls for that intense grab! I’ve also had some success deep water midging with a break away indicator setup fishing 28-30’ under an indicator. Hot flies this week are Tui chub minnows, clousers in olive/white and chartreuse/white, Moo Minnows, Zackie Minnows, and Moo’s Balanced Minnows. I have availability in October and November and expect the shore bite to become very good over the next few weeks.

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