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Lake Davis and Frenchman’s Lake Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi Reports on 6.1.2017

With Lake Davis being 13 feet higher than last fall it has been very tough locating fish in the usual spots. The behavior of the resident rainbows has been very odd. A large population of them is in deeper water, 20 to 30 feet down in the main channel of Grizzly creek by the big island. Out of reach for fly anglers, but the trolling meat hunters are being successful, and unfortunately keeping everything they catch. Water temperatures are between 60 and 63 degrees. There is a ton of food available for the trout. Last week the carpenter ants littered the water’s surface yet not one single rising fish, again very odd behavior. Damsels have started to hatch but not in big numbers yet, the migration will be late this year as with other hatches. Other aquatics in the mix are blood midges, callibaetis mayflies, snails, and smaller chironomids. Fishing is very slow at this time but conditions should change once the damsel hatch kicks into high gear. All the boat ramps are open, and there is good access all over the lake. There are very little spots from the shoreline to fish from so make sure you bring a personal floating device, you’ll have more opportunities to choose from. I will say that the future looks bright with the amount of water that is in the lake and the change in management policy from DFW putting in more catchable trout, and less fingerlings.

Frenchman’s Lake has been fishing a bit better, like Lake Davis, it too is full to brim and still spilling over. Fish are scattered and in all levels of the water column. Water temperatures here are 61 to 63 degrees. Not very many hatches at all right now, just lots of small chironomids, and the occasional callibaetis mayfly. Stripping buggers and wiggle tails with a sink tip or an intermediate line has been effective, and the bobber rig is equally successful. Keep in mind that water skiing and jet skis are allowed at Frenchman’s, it can be noisy and crowded. You’ll do better if you can find secluded coves, and softer water. There is no dock at the main boat ramp, but Lunker point does have a dock in the water. Look for conditions to improve in the weeks to come at both lakes. See you on the water.

Jon Baiocchi

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