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Klamath River Fly Fishing Report

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Chuck at Wild Waters Fly Fishing reports on 12.14.2017

Fishing on the Klamath has been fair to good.  Opportunities are presenting themselves everyday for anglers covering water.  No spots have been a home run as steelhead are spread throughout the river.  Winter conditions have put fish in the mood for slower water and slower presentations.  Swinging flies with light tips has proven itself productive.  Most grabs have been soft and slow but we are getting grabs.  Water temps have been in the very low 40’s at the start of the day and warming to about 43 or 44 by the time the sun is setting.  The fish appear to notice when it warms up just a bit.  For those out throwing a bobber the fishing has been solid.  Not on fire, but productive.  Were you find one, there is likely another.  Maybe not the next cast, but they are in there.  Be careful driving on the 97 right now.  Lots of corners holding shade all day and the road is slippery.

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