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Fly Fishing in Argentina’s Patagonia!If you’ve ever dreamt of...

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Fly Fishing in Argentina’s Patagonia!

If you’ve ever dreamt of casting a dry fly in the middle of winter then be sure to consider Argentina’s Patagonia region.  Junin de los Andes seems to be the Bozeman of Argentina.  Meaning there is a huge fishing diversity of rivers, spring creeks, and lakes in the region.    

There are a few ways to tackle these fisheries.  Many of the Estancias manage their private stretches of the rivers, so a desirable itinerary would include spending about two to three days at each Estancia.  Many anglers also choose to stay at Spring Creek Lodge that sits right on the Chimehuin River and a productive spring creek and spend days fishing their home waters as well as nearby public waters.  These rivers include the Collon Cura, Alumine, Malleo, And thirdly, anglers and non-anglers who wish to stay in town at a local hosteria chose to hire local professional guides each day and trying out the local dinner spots.  

Highlighted Estancia:

Estancia San Huberto Lodge is one of the most requested Argentina fishing lodges in northern Patagonia.  The 25,000 acre San Huberto ranch is located 25 minutes north of Junín de Los Andes and is owned and operated by Carmen and Carlos Olsen and the Olsen family. Like all Argentines, the Olsen family finds it second nature to greet you warmly and assure your expectations are exceeded everyday.    The Malleo river is a freestone river which is easily wadable with pocket water, runs, and riffles all holding quality fish.  The Estancia offers 16.5 miles of private water access plus 6 miles of the Huaca Mumuil tributary.   

Each itinerary is customized to fit your fishing and lodging desires.   For pricing or availability give us a call today.  Now is the time to get some prime time fishing on the calendar. 

How do I book the trip?

Please email or call Rachel Andras at or email at

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