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North Fork Yuba River Fly Fishing Report 6/11

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Jon Baiocchi / Baiocchi’s Troutfitters


Jon The North Fork Yuba River is firing on all cylinders right now. Fishing is extremely good, and the evenings have been magical. Water temps are ranging from 57-63 degrees depending on your location within the watershed. The best area to concentrate on now is from the Downieville area to Sierra City. The lower river around Rocky Rest is heating up, though mornings and late evenings have been decent. Expect good numbers of smallish wild trout 6 to 12 inches, with the occasional larger rainbow. There are some brown trout in the mix as well, and such a hoot to hook into.


Best rig going is a dry / dropper combo. These fish love purple, copper, and red flies when it comes to nymphs, and for dries, colors of yellow, olive, red, and black are producing very well. Effective dry flies have been Stimulators #10-14, yellow and red Humpies #12-16, Flying ant patterns #10-12, E/C caddis in olive, black, and amber, Yellow Sallies #14-18, Dave‘s hoppers #10-12, and parachute Adams #12-16. For nymphs; Psycho Prince nymphs #14-18, Red Headed Step Child #14-16, Copper Johns and red Copper Johns #12-16, olive Caddis emergers #12-16, and Pheasant Tail flash backs#14-18. Aquatics are going off right now! Golden Stone adults, caddis, ants, and the big and little yellow sally are the main menu of late. There is a huge population of October Caddis in the system and this coming fall should be insane if the water level stays intact.


For greater success cover vast amounts of water, and fish every little nook and cranny. These beautiful little rainbows can be found most anywhere in the system including pocket water, pools, gliding runs, riffles, and frog water. It’s all wet wading now, and it’s so refreshing to mingle with the wild trout while letting the cool bubbly water infect you on those hot days. Dry flies, gorgeous settings, and fun fishing – That’s the North Fork Yuba.

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