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Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report 6/4/2015

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Jim Stimson Reports:
The thermometer and barometer are on the rise, June looks to be a great month for fishing. Memorial Weekend was fantastic fishing. Where else can you catch rainbows, browns, and cuttys on the same stream? Most of the backcountry lakes below 11 grand are ice free. The fish are hungry perhaps a lethargic with the colder water temperatures. They are readily taking nymphs down deep… PT’s, midges, scuds ….. as the water starts to warm, expect the fish to become more aggressive. Did I mention streamers?


San JoaquinThe road to Devil’s Postpile is open which opens up a nice stretch of water in a wilderness setting. The flows are currently at about 160 cfs, which is perfect. I fished there on Sunday and wet waded. This water is coming out of the high, backcountry so it was chilly, but doable. Expect the flows to start decreasing as the snow and the runoff start to deplete. The month of June will be stellar. There were lots of brown trout eager to gulp down small baetis and stonefly patterns. 

Upper Owens RiverThe flows have stabilized on the Upper Owens and fishing has picked up again. Nice rainbows, browns and cutthroats can be found in the deeper pools throughout the river system. If you see pods of trout (the cutthroats) on their redds, please don’t cast to them and be careful where you wade. Try small pheasant tails, about a sized 18. Make sure you are getting your nymph rigs deep enough. A combination of enough split shot and setting your indicator deep enough will do the trick.

Lower Owens RiverThe DWP has been ramping up the flows lately. The river is cruising right along at 104 cfs. The lower Owens has been fishing particularly well, mornings to afternoons. It is easy to navigate around in your waders. The river is forgiving, just make sure every foot placement is solid. Nymphing has been very productive using midges, loop winged emergers, Barr emergers, PT’s, green caddis worms, etc…. just about anything buggy will work if presented well. There have been stoneflies and caddis cruising through as well. Try using a golden stone as an attractor then drop a caddis worm off the hook bend. Huck this combo into the shallower, faster moving water and watch what happens. Some dry fly action is happening as well. When you see the swallows converge over the river, start looking for a hatch, usually BWO’s. The dry fly window is short but sweet. Keep your eyes peeled and be prepared to make the change. Voilàl!  Enjoy. 

East WalkerCurrently the river is running at rock bottom, about 20 cfs. If you can hit the timing right (higher flows), you have a chance at some great fishing. Small baetis patterns are the key…. As much as I love this stream, I’ve been avoiding the East Walker until the irrigation district calls for more water and the flows increase. 

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