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Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report

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Cory Godell, Deschutes River Anglers

The steelhead are charging up the Deschutes River as we speak. A chunk of them are still down river of Sherars Falls. But in the past week a big slug of steelhead have jumped the falls and are making their way to the upper part of the river. Sooner than later there entire lower 100 miles of the Deschutes will have steelhead in it.

The conditions couldn’t be better for the steelhead or for fishermen right now.  The water temps are all but perfect, the White River is as clear as a bell, the days are cooling and cloudy and the rainy weather is knocking on our doorstep.

The Rainbows aren’t the only fish that eat dry flies on the Deschutes this time of season. This steelhead ate a skater aka dry fly on one of our most recent trips.

Redside Trout
With the summer dole drums behind us and fall setting in, the trout fishing continues to get better with each passing day. The riffles are still a good bet, but if it’s dry fly fishing you are after, the back eddies are the place to be. Not only are there fish in a good chunk of the eddies right now some are stacked with fish.

Regardless if you are a steelheader or a trout bum, you better hit the water soon. The season is winding down way to quick. Don’t let another season slip away without hitting the Deschutes.

 Tight Lines

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