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Burney/Fall River Mills Fly Fishing Report

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John Fochetti @ Clearwater Lodge Reports on 5.4.2016

Tout opener in the Burney-Fall River Mills area was a success. Lots of water and lots of very hungry trouts.

I tried to shake it up a little and fished some areas with less pressure, and it paid off. We fished a little lake on opener which was full of gorgeous wild Browns. My point is that there is an insane amount of water in our area, so do a little exploring away from the crowds and you’ll be very happy with what you find.

Hat creek was fishing very well with a good Trico spinner fall early morning. Once that is over switch to small mayfly nymph patterns and dredge them out of any water that looks fishy, they are in there. Black micro mayflies and zebra midges are always a go to. Hit up the flat water for some evening dry fly fishing, where there could be at least five different bugs on the water. Watch the rise forms for an indication of what they are eating. Tiny little sips usually mean spinners and splashy rises or porpoising can be an indication of duns.

The Fall River was expectedly crowded and the weeds have not fully filled in, so unfortunately you are going to have to go upstream with the masses and drift nymphs or pull small streamers through pods of fish. If you don’t see the fish, they aren’t there. So go find some somewhere else. Or come check us out at Clearwater lodge, we have some new access to water that rarely sees fisherman, George can back me up on this one. Plenty of fish and no anglers….

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