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Truckee Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles Reports on 5.3.2016

The annual Ca trout opener was this last weekend, hordes of people that don’t realize the river is open year round, braving the cold and the wind, wondering why the fish are just not that active. Remember, it usually snows or rains on the opener. Does the same on Memorial Day weekend too, so be ready.

I’m sure most people got skunked. If you fish the same run here in Hirschdale that 20 dudes already fished through, well, you know the results. I did see some guys catch a fish and of course they photographed the shit out of it. Geez. Sometimes I hate social media.

The Truckee River really couldn’t be any better -flows wise. We hooked some big fish this weekend. Not very many, but 100’s of inches of fish. Trout like water that is 52-62 degrees. We are not there yet. The water is still cold, but we are hooking some fish, and fish are starting to spread out.

March browns are out in force now. The weather for those guys is going to be good this week. 90% chance of rain most of the week here. You may have an epic dry fly day this week if you time it right. Go get some of my MB’s at Mountain Hardware. You will crush them with them.

The streamer game has not been that good for us. A few chases here and there, but not a lot of action. Again, the water is cold. This will change shortly.

Sorry for the incomplete sentences, I’m exhausted. I never sleep with our twins, and rowing a boat all weekend takes a lot out of you.

If I didn’t return your call or email, I will. Please understand I am extremely busy, but I will get back to you.

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