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Sage Igniter Fly Rod - New for 2018

Sage Fly Rods

Sage Igniter Fly Rod - New for 2018

$ 900.00

This is one I have been really excited about! My affinity for this rod started when, at age 14, I entered the "Best in the West Casting Competition." I had three rods to choose from and I chose the Sage TCR (Technical Casting Rod). Sage has always been the pinnacle of performance in my mind. This year I came in second betting some pretty incredible casters and only throwing a few feet short of Steve Rajeff. I was lucky but happy with my performance. What about the guys who got beat by a 14 year old. Well one of the casters who I had beat by a foot or two was sage rod designer Jerry Siem whose cast is unparalleled in beauty in ease. He only lost on account he'd rather cast in a way that made seam as if he were doing nothing at all than look as though he was trying too hard. Long story short he very graciously sent a TCR 5 wt to my house with a note that said "You better practice, because it won't happen again!"

A few years later sage released the TCX, then the Method, and now the Ignitor. This line of rods has provided me with some of my favorite rods ( like the 796-4 Method "Excalibur") I am very much looking forward to getting to know this rod in the next few months, but my initial thoughts are that there are some incredible rods in this line up. My guess is I will find something I love in the 6-10wt range of this series ranging from 4wt-10wt. The biggest bummer is there are only two rods over 9ft (the 10ft 7wt and 9'6" 6wt). I hope to see a 9'6" 7 weight added to the line up.