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Fisherman's Winter

Anglers Book Supply

Fisherman's Winter

$ 14.95

Originally published in 1954, Fisherman’s Winter is fly fisherman Roderick Haig-Brown’s final installment in his well-known “seasons” cycle (Fisherman’s Spring, Fisherman’s Summer, Fisherman’s Fall).

Here he writes not about his home waters, but about the waters in Chile and Argentina he visited when his Canadian home was too cold to fish.

He writes about legendary waters that most will never fish—Trancura, Liucura, Fui, Enco, and San Pedro, Malleo. Chimehuin, and more. But the spirit of angling, the joy of casting a fly rod, and the level of writing is one that every fly fisherman will cherish.

As Nick Lyons writes in his introduction to this edition, “Like many flyfishers after him, and a few before, he found in his travels new challenges and new rewards. He found summer worlds and some remarkable fishing far from his Canadian winter—and new wildlife, a different landscape, and rivers beyond his expectations