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Abel SDF Red Rock Fade - Grateful Dead


Abel SDF Red Rock Fade - Grateful Dead

$ 1,395.00

SKU 35119
Red Rock Fade
Right Hand
Left Hand

Winner of the best new saltwater reel at the 2016 ICAST/IFTD show, the Abel SDS (Sealed Drag Salt) takes all the power, reliability, and smoothness of its smaller counterpart and combines them in a larger package capable of taking on saltwater gamefish of all sizes. A unique multi-disc drag system yields an industry leading 20+ pounds of braking power, and is completely sealed from the elements. 

  • Reel frame, spool, drag knob and foot made of 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace grade aluminum
  • Alternating stacked carbon composite and stainless steel disc drag system
  • Quick change spool
  • User convertible retrieval direction
  • Made in USA

We’ve proudly collaborated with Grateful Dead over the last decade to create three different versions of their legendary artwork.  The Steal Your Face, Dancing Bears, and 50th Anniversary logos that we recreated totaled 1000 serialized reels, and they each sold out quickly as they were introduced.  They admittedly were not inexpensive, but they were incredibly labor intensive for our team to produce with upwards of over 14 hours each to create.  To us, they deserved the effort to achieve near perfect examples of their iconic logos.  

The three previous Abel + Grateful Dead editions reels were limited by reel size, and solid frame models only, but this year we created a program for our customers to open up their creative juices a bit while still honoring their favorite band.  The hand-anodized Grateful Dead Lightning Bolt drag knob is now available on any size SDF, or SDS reel whether it's ported or solid for a $200 premium.  Add any of our currently available finishes to the reel as well for the corresponding reel finish premium, and you’ll truly have something to “smile“ about.