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Yosemite Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Mazaira Reports on 7.23.2015

With the recent storms, huge amounts of water have come down, closing Hwy 140, and mucking up all the rivers. So this report is a good thing for California and fish, but it makes fishing hard for us.

Stanislaus River

  • High Elevation- Watch for thundershower  activity- and it’s all about clarity. When these tributaries get off color- your best bet is a small streamer & bigger nymphs.
  • Mid elevations- The middle fork has fish more activity with lakes doing well, especially the inlets make sure you have streamers handy.
  • Lower- Doing well stripers are starting to show up.

Tuolumne River

Upper has been getting a lot of pressure on Hwy 120- walk away from the trail heads to find un-pressured water
Fishing well in Yosemite and through Hetch Hetchy.
Mid Elevation- Fishing best early and watch water temperature.
Lower Tuolumne is fishing great!

Merced River

Fishing well at elevation- very off color and flows are up.
Afternoon dry fly activity is increasing and bass are in the mid to lower elevations! Not a bad option in the heat!

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