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Yosemite Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Mazaira Reports on 9.3.2015

We are proud to announce a Dynamic Nymphing seminar with George Daniels Oct 3rd spaces are limited so please get in touch with us to sign up.  Things are turning for the better, nights are cooler and the water temperatures are going down.

Stanislaus River

High Elevation - The top of the hwy 108 corridor is fishing well cooler nights are helping the fishery during the day. Kennedy Meadows is your spot.

Mid elevations - The middle fork has  fish more activity with lakes doing   well, especially the inlets make  sure you have streamers handy.
Lower - Doing well striped Bass are in.

Tuolumne River

High Elevation - There is a feel to an early fall in the air. Enjoy the fishing and be mindful of low flows and stressing fish.

Mid Elevation - Fishing really well. Fishing well below Hetch Hetchy.

Lower Tuolumne - Fishing is irractic with the temperature shifts effecting the activity!

Merced River

Unless you’re fishing at high elevation I would stay way.


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