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Yosemite Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Mazaira Reports on 6.2.2106

 After 4 years of minimal run off… this year feels huge! Tioga pass opened up again so access to the east side through the park is fully open. The traffic in the valley is really rough due to the bus lanes that no longer allow cars in the rt lane of traffic. That being said most “South facing” tributaries are fish-able, fish the edges, and check flows and weather before you come.
Mokelumne- Open and a good option. Fishing well below the dam, watch releases.

Stanislaus- Rafters are in full swing so watch flows. Look at the South Fork till run off is down, hard to fish the South Fork above 600cfs. The Hwy 4 corridor is improving.

Tuolumne- Run off is the issue the middle section tributaries like the South fork are doing well. Subsurface caddis & midges work well. Especially just right out of the National Park boundary.

Merced- Still very heavy flows through El Portal. Look to Rock Creek in the Sierra National Forest as a good southern spring tributary to fish. Open and with a recent release of rescue rainbow trout it is looking better. Lower Merced lots of Pike Minnows, Suckers, and when you catch a rainbow with a tracking tag on it know it is a rescue fish and keep it in the water.


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