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Yosemite Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Mazaira reports 12.19.2016

winter storm watch is in effect with a flood notice in Yosemite.

Mokelumne- Closed till Jan 1st- With the fishing season on the Mokelumne  over for 2016, I guess I should report on the salmon / steelhead  migration. EBMUD had allocated several thousand acre feet of water held  back in Camanche Reservoir for pulse flows to attract the salmon into  the Mokelumne system. As of last Tuesday, here are the fish counts from the fish ladder at the Woodbridge Irrigation Dam

Clipped Fin (Hatchery Fish                     497
Male Adults                                             472
Female Adults                                         613
Unknown Sex                                              1
Male Grilse                                              662
Femail Grilse                                           420
Unlnown Sex Grilse                                     1
Total Salmon YTD                                2,169

Clipped Fin (Hatchery Fish)                         2
Adult Male                                                    0
Adult Female                                                0
Adult Unknown                                             2
Total Steelhead YTD                                   4

Stanislaus-     Closed till Jan 1st - High counts are starting to show - Still water is best, Beardsley is an option.

Tuolumne-  Closed till Jan 1st - Counts are Low

Merced- Below El  Portal fishing is open but plows are very high

Closed below Crocker Huffman Dam

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