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WIld Waters North State Fishing Report

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The team at Wild Waters Fly Fishing has been guiding everywhere lately. Fishing has been a mix between good and excellent, because of changing weather patterns and windy days. The hatches have been pretty thick as our windshields can attest. May has been all about the dry fly and its been a treat to fish some of the bigger ones. Golden Stones, Grey Drakes, Green Drakes, and the Salmonfly. I like big bugs and I can not lie.

Beyond the Lower Sacramento’s stellar year most of the highlights have been on the McCloud, Klamath and Rogue Rivers.

•The Lower Sacramento = Excellent. Fishing has remained excellent and a drift is highly recommended.

•The Trinity River = Just Ok.  Flows are still high.

•The Upper Sacramento River =Good. Water is very low and already warming. Fishing is good but tread lightly.

•The McCloud River =Excellent. Some great dry fly fishing and shallow nymphing. We have been seeing plenty of golden stones, yellow sallies, pmds, and a few green drakes and salmon flies, a smorgasbord indeed.

•The Klamath River =Good. The Salmonfly fishing has started early and we think won’t last into July like it usually does, come up soon! Nice fish are being caught under the indicator and more and more on the top water each day.

• The Pit River = Good. Few days with good results. Some anglers are catching too many, some not enough.

• Hat Creek = Just OK. Always nice to see and cast a line but the fishing has been tough on many of the days.

• The Fall River = Just OK. Always nice to see and cast a line but the fishing has been tough on many of the days.

•The Rogue River =Excellent. Fishing the Holy Water and the Shady Cove stretches has been great. The Salmonflys are out. Sea-run cutthroat and steelhead.

•The Wood River = Just OK. Never seen it so low.


Enjoy some great photos of our recent trips.


McCloud River, Bollibokka Waystation ’s famous bend.


 Upper Sacramento, Upper Cantara Loop. The water is so low.

DSCN2183Casting glass on glass, Wood River Oregon.

DSCN2188The Lower Sacramento River has been on a bender.

DSCN2193 All smiles, all day. Lower Sacramento River Rainbow.

DSCN2201Anderson Cliffs, below Cow Creek.  Lower Sacramento River.


DSCN2215Head guide Pepperoni on the McCloud.


DSCN2217Spring on the McCloud.


DSCN2219Deep boulder runs, McCloud River.

DSCN2241A father and a son go fishing. McCloud River.


DSCN2247Though his son’s fish was big, his was bigger. McCloud River.


DSCN2255“Just want to make sure your comfortable, can I get you anything to drink?” McCloud River.

mrccastNice cast, let it sink, strip it back. McCloud River.

DSCN2270Fish on! McCloud River.

DSCN2288 Perfecting the high stick, Ted Fay style. McCloud River


DSCN2296“be ready to set that” McCloud River.


Bald Eagle What a treat!  Simply flew in and hung out with us for about 15 minutes.

Bald Eagle2Moments before we watched this one’s partner nab a 4 lb Pike Minnow from the river.

PBRLower Sacramento River- Luxury fly fishing in Northern California.  Boat, friends, cooler, guide!  What more do you want.  Trout?

chuck and saraA spring creek Rainbow Trout….   fell for a dry fly mid day.  Fall River Valley

rising riverSo much diversity surrounds Mt. Shasta.  Fall River Valley


rising river2 Wait till 8.30 and then catch one there!

sara bowSpotted guy eats a dry fly

sara brown8.30 maybe 9.  Either way it was the last cast, and we could only listen for the gulp.

sara rod bentFall River Valley


anthony lindsey Anthony points out the goal and provides the instruction to get the job done.

dave andrew


GillianSalmonflies and smiles, just another day on the McCloud River

mrc girlsFriends and Fun!  Seriously that is what it is all about!

salmon fly Salmonfly.  McCloud River, CA

up to harvey Classic McCloud River pocket water.

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