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Upper Sac & McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Cox at Ted Fays Fly Shop Reports on 8.17.2015

We are currently in the belly of the Dog Daze beast here in Dogpatch but   as I have emphasized before we at least have plenty of water in our rivers for   you low water deprived souls who dream of better days past. Conditions are fine,   fish are bringing smiles to those who are out there giving it a go and The Ted   Fay Fly Shop is open for your business. Get your ass in gear and get up   here.

The McCloud River

The McCloud River is finally showing promising signs of fishability, not   to be mistaken for spookability. The fishability meter is rising (finally   clearing enough) and the spookability meter is falling (colored enough so you   can shake their hand almost). The visibility is a cloudy 2 feet so scaring them   (spookability) is nil. A recent recon by Buster and myself produced a decent day   of hooking and catching as shown in the pics. Caution wading though, the   fishability factor (low vis) kicks in. The fish seem to be in normal and   abnormal lies, thus their spookability meter is low. You tired of this   #@!$bility crap yet? We ran nymphs mostly (with and without a bobbercator) with   a few locations offering streamer opportunities.

The Upper Sacramento

The Upper Sacramento has been surprisingly steady for early and late fishing. The   lower river has cooled enough such that an early morning spent there can be   rewarding. Most of the action though is from Sims up river. Seems to me we are   having a mild summer after a scary heat wave start to it. New fly fishers John,   Zack, Rebecca, Pablo, Royd and Cate all had successful outings with me over the   last few weeks …. valuable instruction to carry forth as they venture into the   fly fishing world … rest their souls, they will never be the same. Fish are   hanging in the oxygenated water mostly, get it down (weights) into their   neighborhood and you will be rewarded.

My annual Montana vacation will be coming soon so the Ted Fay/Dogpatch   fishing report will not be around to tickle your vicarious habits. I will be   living the dream once again with fellow trout bums Buster and Derf. If you   desire I will once again be posting fish and pastry porn as we drool our way   around southwest Montana ….

Recommended Bugs …..

Nymphs : Dark Lords #14-16, Soft Hackles   #14-16, S&M #16-18, Zebra Midge   #18-20, Rock Worm #18, FBPT #16-18, Micro Mayfly (blk.)   #16-18, Jimmy Legs   #4-10, Gordon   Prince #14-16, Possie   Bugger #8-10, Copper John   (red & copper) #14-16

Dries : X-Caddis #16, EC   Caddis #16, Parachute Adams #14-16, Stimulator #8-14

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