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Truckee-Tahoe-Reno Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles Report on 7.22.2015:

Despite the drought, Reno and Tahoe are experiencing 150-200% of average rainfall from June to present. Weird weather, and I think everyone should brace for a huge winter in California.

Flows on the Little Truckee River have increased to 86 cfs and will increase up to 150 cfs before August 15th. Fishing is good out there right now, and it is the only river for trout fishing within the Truckee area for now. Flows will drop to 15 cfs on August 15th for the Little Truckee river restoration work. Flows will be dropped for 3 weeks. We are asking  no one to fish the river at those flows, while the restoration work is being done. Get your fishing in out there now. Flows will be raised again after the work gets done.

Carp: Carp fishing on the lower Truckee River is getting better as the water has cleared some. Last few weeks have been tough. Carp are impossible if you can’t see them. It’s a sight fishing thing. I suspect it’s going to get muddy again with afternoon rains expected tomorrow. A lot of mud is still coming in from Boca. Until Boca fills, that’s going to be an issue every time it rains with river clarity. Probably be a big issue when we go back fishing for trout this winter. Carp all around urban Reno, so if the river is to muddy, look around for something else.

It’s not all doom and gloom up here. The fishing is actually pretty good.

Please, stay off the Truckee River trout for now. June, and July, and the first part of August is our hottest time of year. Nights will cool quickly come about mid-August. Not saying go fish the river in August, but at least the trout will have some cooler water temps to look forward to.

And come join me for a carp clinic!

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