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Matt “Gilligan” Koles reports on 10.21.2015

Finally a return of fall. Things were a little hot up here last week and I do not mean the fishing. Looks like temps will stay cool and crisp for now.

The Truckee River is up a little bit with the recent rain. Not much, but enough to get the trouts excited. Near 100 cfs here in the Hirsch and a little higher down below. It was a good weekend on the river. Most of the fish are still very spread out in the river, pockets and banks and things. They will settle into a more winter type pattern once the water cools more. For now, fish are spread out and you can find them in summer typer water, which is really fun with the lower than average flows. Baetis are the main deal, but you will see some Mahogany duns and October Caddis. Streamer fishing can also be very good this time of year. Mostly we’re nymphing and getting ‘er done. Remember flows are legit from Boca down to Verdi NV. Everything else is to low to fish.

Still waiting on the big fall blue wing olive hatches on the Little Truckee RIver. I thought it would be happening on Saturday in the rain and overcast, and like 3 bugs pop’d off and 3 fish rose. The whole river should have went crazy with bugs and it didn’t. Maybe it will happen this week, but it’s suppose to be sunny and that is not ideal conditions for blue wings. The shittier the weather the better the bugs hatch. There is a lot of salad on the bottom of he river and it is very difficult to nymph and keep the shlag off you flies/ so be prepared. Fishing small streamers can produce this time of year on the LT too, but the dry fly fishing is the main appeal

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