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Matt “Gilligan” Koles reports on 10.21.2015

The fly fishing is starting to get a little more interesting out at Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Interesting meaning the fish are starting to cruise into the beaches from time to time. Surface water temps have lowered 5 degrees since the opener on October 1st. I’m guessing the shore fishing will get going in just a few weeks. It seems like most fish are still out in about 30 feet of water, or deeper. Getting them to eat last week in that water wasn’t the easiest thing to do. We got fish, but not like the opening week. The Lahontan Cutthroat, Pyramid Lake strain, and the Pilot Peak strain are still gorging themselves on the Tui Chub bait balls. If you can find the bait balls you will find the fish. The bait balls have been harder to find. If you like fishing from the ladder at Pyramid Lake retrieving midnight cowboys and popcorn beetles, we are not that far off. For now the tubers and boaters will probably be catching the most fish, unless you get a good storm/ wind event that will blow the food and the fish in close to the beaches. High pressure will build again this week, the fishing may not be the best, but you can probably wrangle some up especially in the low light periods of the day.

Remember Doug O and I will be doing 2 separate clinics at Pyramid Lake on October 31st, and November 14th. These are the best clinics at the lake, and you will learn a ton of info on how to fly fish the lake in different conditions. We cover everything, and you will confident and comfortable fishing the lake on your own afterwards. Beaches, rigs, flies, retrieves, everything. Pyramid Lake is a World class fishery, and I’m betting the 30 pound mark will be hit this year with a fly rod.

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