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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 1.23.17

Another round of heavy snow.

Heavy, heavy, snow again in Tahoe. Awesome for the Truckee River. We really didn’t get any rain this round, all snow even here in Hirschdale, 5,500 feet. Up top there is a shit-ton of snow now.

The Truckee River is fishing very well right now. Just a bit over 800 cfs here in the Hirsch. Still big water, but clear. Take this class if you want to up your game. It will really help you out. Good luck finding anywhere to park and fish. There is so much snow right now the berms and the the snow are too high and deep. It’s easy for me, I can park in my drive way and go down and take folks fishing. You will be shocked at how much snow there is along the river if you’ve been up here fishing in the lean years. Of course the lower you go towards the stateline and into Nevada there is less, or no snow at all. The Nevada side of the river is still pretty big. Over 1,000 K in most places. A good ole fashioned winter up here. Actually last winter wasn’t too bad, but this winter is much bigger.

So look for the frog water and nymph up on it, or run some streamers through it. Look for water moving at a slow walking pace..We should dry out for a bit after Monday which will give everyone time up here to dig out and clean things up. We still have 3 months of winter up here in the mountains. I’ve seen the plow, plowing over the bridge here in Hirschdale in June. Could be one of those winters.

No way you’re getting out to the Little Truckee River.

Pyramid Lake is still closed for the time being.

I still have 2 dates open for the streamer class on the 18th.

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