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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney reports on 3.16.17


The “Big T” is fishing well.  I think most people have received that message by now.  That is apparent because of all the people on the river.  The river is big, and it will be that way for the rest of the year.  Get used to it and get good at it. I am impressed with the size and health of the fish we have been getting into out there.   

This will be a year for switch rods out there.  For one reason, it will help you to covering water, for another you can swing big streamers.  The streamer fishing should be game on, and it kind of already started.  I like Skagit lines right now with the size of flies we are using plus sink tips.  The switch lines and micro spey rods aren’t big enough for what we are using right now.  

It is an important time to go guided on the Truckee.  With the river being big, knowing the ins and outs of the river will be crucial.  Right now, we are looking for a very specific water type.  4-8 ft. and moving slower than you can walk.  You would be amazed how many fish are sitting a rods length away from the bank right now.  Since the flows are too strong crossing the river is out of the question.  You will want to choose water where you have several good spots to fish from that side of the river.  Sometimes we are doing 20 minute hike ins to fish one spot on the river.   

Since we are looking for a certain water type I don’t think one section of the river is fishing that much better than any others.  We have found good fish from Glenshire to State Line but looking for a fishing the type of water.  There are certain areas that are getting a lot more pressure than others so we’ve been trying to get away from those spots.  

There have been some stunning “brochure days” out there.  Last weekend we were fishing in t-shirts getting sun burned.  The fly menu has been all over the place.  I saw fish hooked on eggs, worms, skwalas, winter stones, and midges. 

Get at me and let’s get out there. 530.304.8421

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