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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 8.10.17

Finally a major cool down here on the Truckee River. Thunderstorms every afternoon have cooled things down.

Right when I thought the weather would never change, summer monsoons have hit the Truckee/ Reno area. August is usually kind of the time when we get some good afternoon rains. Obviously, the clouds and rain have made the fishing much better. A man could fish right into the afternoons right now, and hell, probably do pretty good. Almost cold in the mornings now.

So, still the same old stuff. Caddis, crayfish, and stoneflies. Crayfish molt this time of year. They shed their shells and then regrow them making a very, very tantalizing, paleo snack for trout. We also get a big nocturnal stonefly hatch too. Having some kind of nymph that can look like both is a good thing. Think Pat’s rubberlegs, Doug O’s stonedaddy, etc. When them clouds pop up and the light gets low, swing them crayfish because some fish will chase. Flows are prefect right now, couldn’t get much better, and look to stay like this well into the fall.

Spots are still available for the Tight Line Nymph Clinics.

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