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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles, Gilligan’s Guide Service

More and more more summer weather it the Tahoe area, geez, it feels like early June up here and it’s the last week of March. Things may get interesting come April, Im telling you, winter is not over.

The Truckee River is continuing to produce some great fish and fishing. After all the shit they went through last fall with the extreme low water, thesefish continue to surprise me with their resiliency. Much respect for these fish. It’s almost like the low water last fall didn’t effect them at all. Sure we lostfish, but the ones in here now are tough, and full of piss and vinegar. All they want is some water. We’ll see what happens come late summer, but for now take advantage of the beautiful weather and the great fishing that is going on right now.

March brown, blue wing olives, and skwalas rounding out the list. Nymph up on them if you want, but take advantage of the fishing looking up and throw the dry dropper rigs, super fun. Steamer fishing, yes, been busting some nice fish in the ole bunny fur.

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