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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Heron Report on 8.6.2015

As you might all imagine, the Big T is still shutdown to fishing. What that said, there is hope on the horizon. Fall is just around the corner and that will bring only positives to our watershed. Shorter days and cooler temps are the obvious, but it looks like Reno finally called on water from Independence Lake. Long story short, this will have a trickle down effect on everything from the Upper LT, to the Big-T. We don’t know how much water will be let out, or for how long but we’ll certainly keep you in the loop.  The Truckee could be pumping out wild fish again before we know it.

With that said, we’re still running guide trips as usual. Our guides have been getting fish all around the north shore, and even some on the south side of the lake. Some of our lesser known stillwaters are producing fish on dries and nymphs as well as some of our smaller creeks to the north.

Our local private fishery, Sawmill Lake was just restocked for the summer and the August callibaetis bite is on! Although we’re getting fish with every technique under the sun, sight fishing to cursing fish is still our favorite.
Please note that starting Aug 13th, flows on the Little Truckee will be dropped to unfishable flows for 2-3 weeks for the LT Trout Habitat Improvement Project. Although there has been some concern for the fish during this time, it’s nothing they haven’t seen before, (remember mid summer dam maintenance issues a few yrs ago?) they will be just fine. The water is very cold!!

Our guides still have some Aug openings but are filling fast. Reach out to us anytime at 518-225-6587 or at

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