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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Heron reports on 8.27.2015

Things have finally changed for the better some the last few weeks. Much colder nights have dropped water temps on the Big T below Boca much earlier in the season than I think most of us thought would happen.  If the science tells us anything, the Hoot Owl Closure can be lifted in the mornings. All the guides, outfitters and conservation groups seem to all be on the same page.
But as Gill said in his report last week, everyone is free to make their own decision on whether they think they want to fish it or not.
Here are some observations on from this week…

  • -Morning water temps are in great shape, it’s been warming in the afternoon (bring a thermometer, 68 is the magic number for most)
  • -Overall, not many bugs (that we’ve seen yet anyway)
  • -Small to medium sized bows, limited browns
  • -Slicker than usual rocks, it’s pretty obvious there hasn’t been big flush in a while
  • -Although flows are lower than normal, they are still good
  • -All the big deep runs you’ve always fished…yep, still deep
  • -It’s still the same old Truckee, no gimmies

Obviously the Truckee has been a sensitive subject in the local/nor cal fishing community for quite a while now, but it sure is nice to see cold temps. Feel free to shoot us a call if you have any questions/comments. The T will continue to be the talk of the town in the near future.

If you’re in the area, I would highly recommend getting over to see the work happening on the LT project. It is quite a sight and progress is moving along much better than expected. We’ll keep you in the loop as to when we can start fishing it again.

Lastly, all of our normal summer trips are still going on as usual. We’ve been bringing clients all over the north shore, from small creeks, bassin’ in the local lakes and of course Sawmill Lake in Truckee. We stuck a fishing pushing ten pounds this week. That’s certainly not the norm, but they’re there!
Like usual, we have plenty of guides to get you out there.

Shoot us a call at 518-225-6587 or email at

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