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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles reports on 1.19.2016

We’ve been getting storms like every other day. Warmer storms this week will add some volume to the Truckee River. 175 cfs here today, we’ll see how far she goes up this week.

The fishing is very good on the Truckee River. Good for mid-Janurary. Warmer storms usually mean good fishing. Night time temps don’t get to cold, and it can get up into the 40’s during the day-like it did this week. Remember, Hirschdale is at 5,500 feet. The weather here and down into Nevada is much different than on top of the mountains (ski resorts.) So while they may have 15 feet of snow up top, we have about a foot around here.

Like I say, the river will be getting bigger, how big is the question. There is a lot of snow this winter and when it rains it melts. When it snows it don’t. Duh. Would be nice to see the river come up and stay in the 500’s. One thing for sure, we will have water this summer.

Same old same old, far as bugs. Nymph with some small stuff, swing with some bigger stuff. Beatis and midges, worms, stones, etc. Sculpins and leeches and crayfish, yes, they’ll eat crayfish all year. The water you choose is the key.

Thinking about what days to do the streamer class. I’m sure I’ll have it figured out here soon. Just seeing what the river is going to do.

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