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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles Reports on 2.17.2016

Well shit, another dry month in the middle of winter. Good for fishing, bad for our snowpack.

Good news is we are still at around 100% of average. If we can get a few feet of fresh this week, that’ll put a band aid on February. We still will have more water this summer in the Truckee RIver than the last 2. Boca is filing up rather well -and that is huge for us.

Ok, on to the the fishing. Kinda a weird week. You think the fish would want to get out and party with this warm weather, but they kinda don’t know what to do. Not enough bugs to get them on top, bright blue bird days so they don’t want to chase (streamers,) and the water is still very cold and they don’t want to be in the pocket water. H’mm, what’s and angler to do. I think that means you have to try all kinds of water with a few different rigs. I’ve had some bad days, and some good days lately. Some big fish though.

I can’t complain, I mean it’s t-shirt weather, river is around 375 cfs in the Hirsch, and I know El Nino is not finished yet.

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